Mailing List FAQ

This mailing list is for ALL music shows involving Dave Caruso.

How do I sign up for Dave Caruso's mailing list?
It's easy and FREE!  Just send us an e-mail.

As a member of your mailing list, what can I expect to receive?
We send out graphical e-mail messages to notify you of news, recordings, interviews, articles and live performances of Dave Caruso.

How often will I receive e-mail?
Generally once a month (or less).

Will the mailing list ever be sold to anyone else?
No, never.  And when we send out e-mail to our subscribers, only one recipient address will appear in each message.

Can I quit anytime I like?
YES!  It's quick, easy and painless.  To be removed for any reason, please let us know by e-mailing us, and we'll send you a confirmation response that you've been removed.

I have a new e-mail address.  How do I notify you of my new address?
Please e-mail us.  Be sure to include both your old and new addresses so we can find you and make the change.

Can I sign up someone else for the mailing list?
Absolutely, but we'd prefer that you send them a link to our web site and encourage them to sign themselves up.  We really do care that nobody's receiving unwanted mail from us.

I signed up for the Piano Wars! mailing list, and I'm receiving Dave Caruso list mail -- or -- I signed up for Dave Caruso's mailing list and I'm receiving Piano Wars! mailings .  Why?
Rather than maintaining multiple mailing  lists with some duplicate entries, we use a single mailing list for all of Dave's musical endeavors.  This includes the CARUSO band reunion shows and Piano Wars!

I signed up for the mailing list by writing my name on a request card at a live show.  I never received anything from the mailing list.  What's up?
We may have had trouble reading your information.  The best way to sign up is to e-mail us.

I signed up for the mailing list, but I never received anything from the mailing list.  Why?
If you've never received mail from us, we may have removed you from the list because our first message to you bounced back to us as undeliverable.  When this happens repeatedly, you might be removed from our list.  You can always sign up again by e-mailing us.

I used to receive mailing list mail, and I don't anymore.  What happened?
We might remove e-mail addresses from our mailing list because: A) You requested it.  B) We sent you mail and it bounced back to us as undeliverable.  C) Your mailbox was shut down by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)..  D) You changed your e-mail address without telling us.

I receive your messages, but I can't see any of the graphics, or I have some other problem reading the message.
One possibility is that your mail server is not configured to allow messages with graphics or pointers to graphics.  Possibly you are using an obsolete version of e-mail software or AOL.  Make sure you upgrade to the latest available version.  Another possibility is that your browser's security settings are set too high.  If you need help with your browser security settings, please e-mail us and we'll be happy to help you.

I never subscribed to this mailing list, but I'm getting mail from it.  Why?
If you've been signed up by mistake for any reason, please e-mail us.  We'll remove you immediately with our apologies and we'll send you a confirmation response that you've been removed.

Still have a question we haven't addressed?  Drop us a line and ask us!

Thank You!
The Music of Dave Caruso Web Team