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In the mid-to-late 1980s, a group of four brothers hailing from Trenton, Michigan, and known simply as "CARUSO," spread  their infectious power pop to twenty-one states and Canada. During their career, the Caruso brothers polished off seven singles and three extended-play albums, while headlining concerts at colleges across the Midwestern U.S. 


Mike Caruso

The Caruso band received two consecutive Contemporary Music Award Nominations and an Contemporary Music Campus Entertainers of the Year nomination from the National Association of Campus Activities, and garnered two one-year corporate sponsorships from Miller Beer, which landed them tracks on two Miller Rock Network albums on the RCA record label.

Joe Caruso
Electric Guitar

Playing more than 10 instruments between them and singing beautifully crafted harmonies, Caruso dazzled audiences with their original music and their powerfully charismatic stage show.  Caruso's most memorable appearances included the Milwaukee Summerfest, live radio spots and annual Christmas Concerts to raise money for Detroit's WLLZ Wheels for Meals charity, opening slots for several National artists, and annual outdoor fairs and festivals in their hometown.

Dave Caruso
Acoustic Guitar
Lead Vocals

After Dave Caruso left the group in 1987, Caruso continued touring and recording for several more years.  They continued to collaborate onstage and in the studio before calling it quits in the early 1990s. 

Rob Caruso
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Vocals


Dave and Rob Caruso reunite periodically in the Downriver Detroit area.  To hire Rob and Dave Caruso for your next event, call (734) 775-7100.

Rob and Dave Caruso Reunion Info

CARUSO's albums have been re-mastered for a new anthology

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